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Engagement Photography & Couple Sessions

Engagement photos are a fantastic opportunity for the future wedding couple to get to know me and vice versa. As I mention under the heading Wedding Photography, it’s important that we get to know each other as much as possible, this way we’ll get the most out of the shoot. Couples often ask for engagement photos or a Save the Date photo shoot to be added to the wedding photography in a package deal, to get pictures for the invites for example.

Couples’ photo shoots are also something I absolutely think people should do more of. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get one for your spouse (and yourself) as a wedding anniversary gift. The photo shoot could be arranged in a picnic setting or something similar. A couple’s photo shoot is a relaxed and enjoyable experience,  where the couple gets to enjoy each other’s company while I take nice photos to remember the occasion by. My style is not so much about traditional formal posing. We work out a nice location with the couple. I primarily use ambient natural light, so that the photos best reflect the mood of the actual experience. I am very willing to hear your ideas and thoughts!

If you book an engagement photo shoot as you reserve a date for the wedding photography, I’m sure we can put together a package deal you will appreciate!

Prices start from 340,00€

Wedding Photography // Destination Wedding Photography //

 Documentary Wedding Photography

I always recommend that wedding couples consider documentary wedding photography that covers the entire day from preparations to last call or at least to the throwing of the wedding bouquet and garter. Not because it is the most expensive, but because the wedding couple will have all the day’s best memories captured in photos. I have often spent absolutely brilliant breakfast moments with the wedding couples, bride’s maids and best men the morning of the big day as I’ve photographed the preparations. Sometimes I’ve had the chance to enjoy the company of the couple’s parents as well and we’ve had so much fun we’ve almost choked on our morning coffee.

It’s absolutely crucial that I get to know the wedding couple as well as possible and this is evident in the resulting photos. When we spend the entire day together, we can celebrate the wedding as friends and I often feel as though I’m just one of the guests. Except of course for the fact that I’m always holding a camera. Often we’ve done a good package deal with the couple for engagement and wedding photos and in those cases I’ve gotten to know the couple as much as two years before the actual wedding. In any case we do of course arrange for a meeting with the couple either face to face or, in case of longer distances, conference calls via Skype or phone.

During wedding season I mostly photograph longer sets (about 8-13 hours), but in the off-season (November to March) I’ve also done shorter wedding day shoots, such as portraits + the ceremony.

The newlyweds will receive, in addition to a new friend, photographs of the memorable event in digital form on a USB thumb drive delivered about three weeks after the wedding date, at the latest. Upon delivery of the photos I also set up a guest gallery online for the wedding guests to visit and what could be more practical than, for instance, putting the link to the gallery on the back of your thank you cards. The couple has full developing rights and photos are provided both as social media friendly low resolution versions as well as high resolution photos suitable for photo products. An 8 hour photo shoot yields several hundred photos for the couple, while longer sets yield around a thousand photos.

Documentary wedding photography packages start from 2080,00€
Please do not hesitate to ask an offer when getting married outside of Finland, I freakin' love to travel! And don´t be afraid those travel costs, really!
Reserving Wedding Photography

If you would like me to photograph your wedding day, we draw up a contract at the time of reservation and I charge a reservation fee that is 20% of the final sum. That is then deducted from the total when you receive the final bill. 

Tell me your story when you contact me and we’ll design a suitable package  together. I eagerly await your call!

Ask about additional services, such as a photo wall, video recording, second shooter etc. etc.


Children Photography // Family Sessions

How many times have I been at home and heard my son shout ”Noooo!!!” when I take out my camera to take his picture. We have a son who is just over 3 years old and a daughter who is nearly one year, so I’m used to children. I’ve often noticed that when a new acquaintance, a photographer, is behind the camera, kids may be just a tad nervous, just enough that they consent to being photographed. After nearly every shoot the parents tell me how excited the kids have been even after they’ve gotten home and how much fun they’ve had in front of the camera.

When photographing kids and families the same applies when it comes to locations as with wedding photography – I strive to shoot outdoors in varying locations and using natural light. Various parks, beautiful rocky beaches and even more austere city locations all provide excellent backdrops for photo shoots. The main thing is that the kids enjoy the setting and that they have fun during the shoot. There is usually no need to bring a lot of props, it’s enough to bring a blanket and maybe a favorite toy to rely on a bit if needed. I have done shoots with very cool toys as well, on one memorable occasion with an old tricycle from the grandparents’ childhood.

We’ve had very enjoyable kid and family shoots, even if the parents and I sometimes have our hands full fussing around the child/children. We can also figure out locations together as we start planning a photo shoot.

Prices start from 340,00

Corporates // Photography for the Business

Product, personnel and premise photos can be taken either in the studio or in a mutually agreed upon place, depending on the circumstances. Mobile lightning equipment can also be brought to the client’s office for on site product shoots, for example.


*All prices include a 24% VAT (value added tax) and traveling expenses within a 25 km radius of Turku.