Jenny + Amity | Wedding Photographer Iceland | Budir Weddings

I would like to celebrate my entrepreneurship anniversary with this set. Seven years ago (2010 Sept 17th) I decided to jump into a photography industry. First five years this was my second job and and, after a couple of monhts I've been full time photographer almost two years, yay!!! I couldn´t imagine many years ago that I could live by doing what I love most. Icehockey, soccer, photography... what ever it is, it´s always nice to achieve the professional level from hobby to full time job.

Ok, lets cut the crap and get to wedding set below. This was shot in Iceland in the end of June when Jenny and Amity verified their vows in the front their spectacular weddings guests in a gorgeous black church of Budir. I felt like I was part of their families, because of the warm welcome and reception they gave to me <3
This day was full of emotions and when combining them to landscapes of Iceland, results could not be better.
Please take a look and enjoy! I prefer to watch the slideshow with music first.

Couple: Jenny + Amity
Church: Budir Church
Hotel: Hotel Budir
Wedding Planner: Pink Iceland
Venue: Bjargarsteinn Mathús

Song: Anders Hagberg - Stenristarna (,