Syao + Wenlong | Wedding Photographer Iceland, Destination Weddings

"This could be para-para-paradise..."
Words above from Coldplay´s song 'Paradise' might be the most best words when describing Iceland to someone. And maybe word 'could' could be replaced by word 'should'. So beautiful was that Nordic country. I had really high expectations about Icelandic landscapes, but they truly exceeded what I had expected.

If you don´t know yet why I was there, the reason was this lovely becoming wedding couple, Syao & Wenlong from China. They had came across from far away and were spending two weeks in Iceland, taking a tour around this gorgeous Iceland. We met in their hotel in Ísafjörður on the morning, photographying getting readies and then headed to our road. Also talented make up artist, Diego Batista was part of this day. He traveled almost the whole day with us, before we dropped him off to airport. 

Syao and Wenlong are going get married on late September so I wish You two all the best and I am more than honored for You for choosing me to be your photographer in Iceland. Have a joyful wedding day in China and hopefully we´ll meet in the future!

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